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Corporate performance management (CPM), also called business performance management (or sometimes enterprise performance management), is an “umbrella term” used to described the methodologies and processes that help you manage the success of an organization. You can think of corporate performance as the collaborative accomplishments, successes, and failures of an organization. CPM is important for every company, but especially those looking to:

  • Remodel their budget.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Better align KPIs.
  • Upgrade their organizational strategy.
  • Improve the financial planning process.

It’s important to note that CPM is a subsect of business intelligence—and it’s not a strategy in and of itself. In order to be successful with CPM, companies must implement a framework to see that their corporate performance is actually being managed.

In order to do this, different strategic frameworks and management methodologies are employed. One of the most notable is the Balanced Scorecard—which, as you may know, is a strategic planning and management system that takes several organizational viewpoints (aside from only the financial angle) into account. Organizations are also using EFQM Excellence Model, MPO, and Six Sigma. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are typically used to measure the success of these frameworks in action.

The MetrixPlus is an evidence based corporate solution that enables decision making, monitor goals, processes, services, employees and systems using innovative methodologies, and metrics for large organizations.

One of its kind solution.
It enables organizations to capture the present context and its requirements by correlating diverse internal elements and linking it to well defined metrics and results. In addition, it has the capability to implement proactive practices within its existing processes, monitor a full cycle of Strategy-to-Execute operations including a robust management review, and through a system intelligence to track and assign accurate employee roles and responsibilities, all with an assist from AI.


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