ARCM (Governance, Risk and Compliance Management)


Confidently meet internal and external legal requirements and standards while efficiently managing risks. By using ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager at Software AG, you can implement and efficiently operate an enterprise-wide compliance and risk management system. You can:

  • Manage enterprise-wide compliance and regulatory change
  • Document control execution and perform control tests easily
  • Quickly adapt to new laws and regulations
  • Save time through automated testing workflow and email notifications
  • Track all entries and changes via a seamless audit trail

ARIS Governance, Risk & Compliance Management Platform enables enterprises to confidently meet internal and external legal requirements and standards while efficiently managing risks.


Too much risk is bad for business. Too much control is bad for performance. That’s why Palmira empowers you with smart technologies and processes that automate Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) management and help you keep the right balance.

See how easy GRC can be with Software AG’s solution powered by ARIS. ARIS GRC can help you:

  • Easily identify, document and assess risks
  • Simplify audits, schedule audit-related tasks
  • Adapt faster to new regulations—like GDPR—and changes
  • Reduce conflicts between business and control departments
  • Use a “single point of truth” for all compliance activities
  • Monitor compliance processes on a dashboard

See how one customer saved €2.5 million annually by using ARIS to automate GRC management. Read other reasons you’ll like ARIS for faster—and easier—regulatory compliance to keep your business safe.

Businesses today operate in a complex and highly dynamic global environment. Everywhere there are regulatory pressures, competitive shifts, compliance violations, geopolitical shocks, disruptive technological innovations, cybercrime, big impact breaches, and more. Managing the risk and compliance impact of these changes is one of the biggest challenges that a GRC practitioner faces.

Compounding matters, business ecosystems have become so deeply interconnected that a single risk event can result in widespread disruption. That’s why an integrated approach to GRC is so critical. It helps organizations anticipate, understand, and manage their risks in a holistic manner. It also helps them connect the dots between risks, compliance, and other GRC elements that impact business performance. As a result of that Palmira empowers your organizations to better balance risks and opportunities, make confident strategic decisions, and respond effectively to the changes that occur within and outside the enterprise.

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