IT Planning

Strategic planning for businesses, large or small, is a critical process to achieve its goals and be profitable.  Proper strategic planning includes both short-term and long-term planning and should touch upon every aspect of the business including: production and sales, organization structure, employee development, fiscal planning.  What some organizations may not realize is that their Information Technology (IT) must also become a strategic goal and a key part of this planning process.

Organizations need to understand how they currently use technology and how it can be used strategically to improve business processes, making them more efficient and less costly, potentially increasing market position.

The idea behind an IT plan is to acquire and optimally utilize all hardware and software resources in an organization, and an IT plan should ideally be aligned with the organization’s business goals. It takes time to create an IT plan because there are so many things to be taken into account. The goals of an IT plan come from the top brass of an organization, including the chief information officer (CIO) and the chief technology officer (CTO). A good plan not only helps an organization reach its business goals, but also helps it prevent issues. An IT plan can help an organization reduce dependencies and ensure business continuity, optimally utilize resources, avoid crises, save costs and improve productivity.

An IT plan can significantly contribute to the business goals of an organization. Without an IT plan, an organization will be exposed to big risks, but with a plan, it can experience better business processes, improved productivity and reduced risks. You can avoid crises such as data theftviruses, hacking attacks and data loss. Inadequate technology can leave your data vulnerable to loss or corruption. That can lead to additional complications such as legal issues. IT plans help you carefully identify the right defense against data theft and data loss.

An IT plan is an important part of any overall business plan. However, despite its importance, it may be a little difficult to formulate an IT plan because of ambiguous business goals and policies. In such cases, you need to gather information from whatever sources are available and start putting together the pieces. Ideally, business values and principles should come first, but regardless, formulating a good IT plan can remain a challenge.

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