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Excellence Performance Management
Excellence Performance Management
  • Is AI based solution
  • Built to achieve higher-performance
  • Analytics solution to capture, monitor, explore and share performance data.
  • Evidence-Based solution to support aware decision making
  • Enabling corporates to reach goals, enhance processes, excellence services, award employees and monitor systems
  • Using innovative methodologies, processes and metrics
  • Captures organizational context
  • Establishes correlations among organizational elements and link it to defined metrics
  • Powerful infrastructure enables deep-dive insight
  • Automate corporate planning, and performance monitoring
  • Digital journey from planning …. Achieve and monitor
  • User friendly serving multiple viewpoints meets users, analysts, management interests
  • Continuously improve awareness and maturity within organization.
Excellence Performance Management

Lifecycle Governance

  • dynamic workflows to manage full cycle of Strategy-to-Execute operations including management review
  • Intuitive task management system provide ability to track system tasks and clear roles and responsibilities
  • Preventive and corrective actions tracking
  • Seamless Integration framework with ARIS EMS by SoftwareAG
  • Ability to integrate with other Enterprise Architecture solutions to capture the organizational context

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